Caroline Miller - Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Chi Gung and Meditation
Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Chi Gung and Meditation

About Caroline

I think most of us are aware that today’s stressful and hectic lifestyles can have a detrimental effect on our health. Many people believe they have no choice but to resort to one of the increasing range of drugs on offer to treat their symptoms.

It was my own personal experiences 25 years ago which prompted me to explore the alternatives. This journey has helped both myself and others to find positive outcomes. This has also allowed us to maintain control of our own well being more naturally.

I have now been practising complimentary medicine and therapies in the UK for over 20 years.

My formal homeopathic training and education was undertaken with the Edinburgh Classical College and completed at the acclaimed Lakeland College.

As well as running a complimentary practice. I also tutor for the Lakeland college aswell as coaching student clinics. In addition to this I also provide basic homeopathic training for the public.

I was formally coached at the British School of Reflexology where I was extremely privileged to be trained by Ann Gillanders the main pioneer of clinical Reflexology in this country.

Having also formally achieved qualifications in Reiki, Nutrition, Flower essences, NLP and EFT studying in England, Scotland and San Diego. I now incorporate these elements into my practice where appropriate.

Relaxation is a key part of any healing practice and as some of you may know I have practised Chi Gung (a form of Tai Chi) and mindfulness meditation for many years and I am currently training in both disciplines.

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