Caroline Miller - Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Chi Gung and Meditation
Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Chi Gung and Meditation
Reflexology by Caroline Miller in Fife


"Healing and Harmony through the hands”

The word Reiki means universal life energy. A Reiki treatment is a simple hands on therapy transferring this healing energy from giver to receiver. It is an ancient healing method which has become very popular in recent years and most people say they feel relaxed, refreshed and happier in themselves after a treatment.

Dr Hayashi one of the first practitioners of Reiki said that “Reiki simultaneously treats the spiritual and mental causes of illness not just the physical”. Evidence suggests that Reiki increases the energy within the body enabling blockages to be cleared. It is also a very relaxing treatment as many of you who have tried it will testify.

As a Reiki master I have run courses for many years training new practitioners or people just wishing to do Reiki on themselves or family members.

If this is something you are interested in then either contact me directly for more information or check the courses page.

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